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Sometimes we're the hurricane, and other times we're the calm before the storm.  We believe in living a life that's filled with adventure, following our hearts and letting a little bit of wild into our souls every now and then.  We believe in taking risks and going wherever we feel most alive.

Getting to know me, you would quickly learn that few things excite me more than the idea of the unknown, taking the road less traveled and reveling in the unpredictability of a new adventure.  That probably explains why I felt the relentless pull to bring the vision for Waves & the Wild to life, thinking that maybe other people shared similar ideas about the kind of adventure-leading life that was worth chasing after.  Reflecting back, a lot of the times that I felt most at ease and many of my favourite memories even from a very young age seemed to revolve around time spent outdoors and especially around the water, so starting a swimwear line seemed to actually be quite fitting (you might say it 'suited' me quite well...hah!)

At 21, my best friend and I packed our car and took off on a two month road trip, leaving our homes in Toronto in the rear-view mirror and hitting the highway with no plans made, but a steadfast determination to make our way towards the west coast and the idea that we would wake up each day and turn it into another adventure.  We headed towards Colorado and trekked our way through Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Washington for a few weeks before crawling across the border to spend another month doing the same throughout British Columbia and Alberta.  Every mountain range we drove through seemed more beautiful than the one we'd just left behind, every hike ended in a more awe-inspiring view than the one before, and each sunset over the ocean was more breath-taking than the last.  In the two years since returning home from that eye-opening trip, I've found myself often reflecting on what it is that makes days like those so truly spectacular.  And I think I've finally managed to sum it up for myself:  they are days where it seems so easy to find the beauty in everything.

Waves & the Wild draws its inspiration from those types of days, and we dream of living as many of them as possible.  The colours and designs of each one of our pieces reflect the calming simplicity of the waves, with an edge of unpredictability of the wild.  We may not know where we're going, but that's never stopped us before.

Waves & the Wild exists for all the adventures we have yet to take.  We hope that you're ready to join us on this wild ride too.

xx Kelly

Designer and Founder, Waves & the Wild


Waves & the Wild is a Canadian brand based in Toronto, ON.  Our suits are currently available online-only, with shipping offered worldwide.